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March 01, 2010


cosmetic dentist in Chicago

You know what Stacey, I've never tried teeth whitening products. Perhaps it's because I have my own cosmetic dentist in Chicago, or maybe I just don't trust myself. I'm kinda afraid that I might do something bad to my teeth because I read the instructions wrong or something. I admit, I'm bad at DIY stuff. So I just leave the fate of my teeth to Chicago cosmetic dentists.

- Rayner Marsee


We don't need a magic wand if we have pearly white teeth. The power of our smile has it all, that's why most of us prefer white and strong teeth. Who can ever notice your old clothes, if you wear a beautiful smile? That is just one advantage of wearing a great curve in your face.

Marcila Dare

I didn't know teeth-whitening products could be that effective. I haven't tried one though. I think I'll start off with that particular brand of teeth-whitening strips, now that you've mentioned it. =)

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