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April 09, 2012



I define my individual beauty by how giving I am to my family and friends.

Kelly Falcone

I define my personal beauty by how my daughter see me through her eyes : )

Cindy Loo

I think my personal beauty comes from how often I laugh and smile!

Linda Kwolek

I define beauty as who the person is, their morals and ethics, their honesty.

Sara Estep

I define my individual beauty by the way i treat others.


I define my beauty by my smiling eyes... Just like my nanny's... I'm ok with those wrinkles as long as they came from happy times:)


I define my beauty by watching my girls snuggled up on the couch together truly enjoying each other's company! At least I know I've done something right when I watch them showing so much love towards each other!

Christy O

By the way I can make others laugh, especially my best friend who has a very severe illness.
And by giving my loved ones little homemade cards and gifts, it's a great feeling.

Barbara Blanton

I define my individual beauty by just being happy with who I am and being as caring as possible to those around me :)


I define my individual beauty by being unique and true to my personal style, whatever fads and trends may come and go.

Nancy Style 'n Decor Deals

I define my individual beauty by being a good role model (gracious and kind) to everyone (especially my children and spouse).

A Facebook User I DEFINE my INDIVIDUAL BEAUTY as being a good provider for my daughter.

Ashley Morrissey

I define my individual beauty by being myself and doing what makes me feel most beautiful inside and out!

-Ashley Marie Morrissey

Colin Batchelor

I define my individual "beauty" by trying to show my inner beauty. I'm entering this for my beautiful fiance who is currently 4 months pregnant.

Toni Marie Caravello

Just post a comment answering the question "HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOUR INDIVIDUAL BEAUTY?"

Well, I am not a typical beauty as one would see in a magazine. I am 4'10", and right now rather curvy after having had a baby. I have big almost black eyes and curly auburn hair with fairish skin and freckles. I have smaller lips and a perfect nose thanks to a good doctor. I think most of my beauty comes from within as I am always trying to smile even when I am having a bad day. I have great teeth so a nice smile brightens up my face a lot.

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I think my personal beauty comes from the person I am more than what I look like. I try to be positive, helpful and happy with my circumstances.

Niki Bousquet

I define my individual beauty throguh my unique characteristics. My eyes are two different colors. One is dark brown and the other is hazel/green. I don't always like them but other people always seems to think they're cool. I'm only 5' 2'' which I don't always like either but people seem to think its cute. So sometimes the dislike the most about yourself are actually the things that make you beautiful.

My shade is E20

Robin Scott

from what I give others, generosity, and encouraging others
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

JR Pickett (Vicki Vix on r/c form)

I define my personal beauty as the sum of who I am intellectually, ethically and empathically.

Marsha Cooper

Individual beauty is based on what's on the inside, not what's on the outside.

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