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September 29, 2010


Sue Kaschalk

Dunkin Donuts twice a day baby! Timothy Horton's a close 2nd.

Amy Thompson

Pumpkin spice latte...yummm. Or cafe americano with cream and sweet and low.

Jane Kaufenberg

A large cup of plain Caribou Blend - best coffee I've ever had, and I've drunk coffee all over the world.

Christy Gurley

Coffee with chocolate poured over ice... it just makes me happy...


cool! i like a skinny vanilla latte from starbucks!


I love an extra foamy machiatto from starbucks with a light dusting of caramel and an extra shot. It's like a cappuccino with a bit of sweetener. The foam is creamy without being as full of calories as whipped cream. Yummmmmmy!


Hmmm I'm a staunch latte girl! I love my espresso and steamed milk!


I don't drink much coffee, but when I do, I like a mocha freddo from Peets Coffee and Tea!


Short Mocha - no whip


coffee with a little cream & 3 sugars


My husband mixes flavored coffees with regular coffee. He's a master and makes the perfect cup of coffee everytime!


I love chai tea lattes from java mama! But I'm excited to try Starbucks pumpkin spice latte soon

Carol W.

I love vanilla hazelnut- for the aroma as well as the taste!

Amber Ehrlich

No coffee for me, but how about a mate latte? Made espresso style with soy milk and a splash of vanilaa :)

Sherry Lykins

Love coffee with vanilla creamer!!

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