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February 06, 2009


Erryns Health And Beauty

Ive tried some Essie polishes and they didnt seem to dry like ever...but the were pastel baby pink and a pale yellow which are hard colors to get to dry in any brand.I love the colors of the new Essie line(saw it at the beaut supply store)I may give Essie another try at your reccomendation.How would you say they compare wear wise to OPI and CND polishes?

LA Pretty

You're so right, I totally adore Mesmerize on my toes!


I know - the new shades are so pretty, aren't they? Love them! I think they wear comparably to OPI and CND shades. The lighter shades usually last longer on me (of course), but I think they all wear pretty well, at least in my experience. If you're looking for a fast top dry coat, try the Quick Dry from Jessica ( I love it - it makes everything dry super quickly. Hope that helps!

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