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October 05, 2007



I have to disagree. I think Flake Away is a great product. I thought it was actually a pretty harsh scrub, but it makes my legs feel amazingly smooth. One of my favorite products by far!


You should try the Sugarcrush bodyscrub instead, its amazing!


I think Flake away is really nice, smells good too..


I don't know if they have changed the scent since you have used it.. but it smells just like their other products.

Leaves my skin smooth and soft.


Actually this is the only scrub I tried that does NOT dry out my skin it leaves it sooo smooth I don't even nedd to apply lotion afterwards. I think maybe you might had a bad batch cause the smell to me smells great it smeels like peach but the smell is very light. This is a great product I love it.

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