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August 16, 2006


Heidi Zeigler

All of these stories remind me of me in my teens! I assumed the name of 'Penny' in 9th grade and that would be short for "Bright, Brand New Copper Penny". Which was the color of my hair after using Sun-In on my brunette hair. I am now a blonde and have been for years...however it costs about 100 bucks every 6 weeks. So what's that old "MOTO" "If something, sounds too good to be true, it probably it"!

Daryl Ingle

He he :0 It's funny the things we do when we're young. Just the other day I caught my son trying to shave in my new Steam Shower. I caught him just in time to show him that his left eyebrow was gone. Crying soon entailed and I think it was because his mother was gonna be maaaaad! At me for leaving the razor in reach of a 4 yr old and him for shavin his brow.

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